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Animated Adventure & Horror series
(Currently seeking development opportunities)

Below is a One Sheet for an animated series that

I'm looking to develop with a  Production Company.

Please drop me a message at for more information.


10 x 20-minute adventure/fantasy series

When mysterious creatures unleash chaos on a sleepy coastal town, an awkward teen and his eccentric grandfather find themselves the unlikely heroes.

After a lifetime of protecting Bleaklow, Monster Hunter HARRY FORD’s age is starting to catch up with him. His hearing’s getting worse, his sight is going and his bones are aching. Thankfully his grandson ALBERT FOX - our protagonist and unlikely hero - has recently come to live in his rundown lighthouse after his parents’ messy divorce. Harry can finally pass on the gauntlet - except, geeky, skinny, introverted Albert is the last person you'd expect to save a town. Harry must put retirement on hold and teach Albert the tricks of his trade - and a lesson or two in growing up. So, with guidance from his grandfather, and the help of his boisterous new best friend ALICE PETERS, Albert attempts to fit in in a new town and struggles to learn the art of being Bleaklow's secret hero. Meanwhile, well-meaning, soft-stomached police inspector PATRICK PETERS is struggling to solve an ever-growing backlog of unexplained deaths - all of which lead him to Harry. As Harry struggles to keep the town’s terrifying monsters under control, Patrick is on a mission to prove that Harry and his grandson are somehow involved in the murders (but how, he doesn’t know… yet!). It's a constant game of cat and mouse. Can Harry and Albert stay one step ahead?





Albert Fox, 12, is just your average teenager. He’s tall, a little awkward, with big hair and thick-rimmed glasses. In the city he was considered cool, but in this small town… not so much. He’s struggling to come to terms with this adjustment and starting a new life with his estranged grandfather, but can’t really communicate the struggle. Luckily, his new friend Alice helps bring him out of his shell, and as he develops a relationship with his grandfather he starts to appreciate the sacrifices Harry has made for other people.

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